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      Katana Lab Direct was created for Dental Laboratories within the United States in mind.

      Kuraray Noritake US understands that labs need flexible options to buy their materials especially competitive product categories such as; Dental Zirconia and is why we created KATANA Lab Direct.

      Founded in 1926, Kuraray Co.,Ltd., a company rich in tradition and technology, is known for developing and enriching the industries it serves. Over 40 years ago, Kuraray Co.,Ltd. entered the dental arena with unique solutions for the dentist in organic materials.
      Noritake Co., Limited, synonymous with the famous ceramic company, embarked on its journey of innovation since 1904. Over 25 years later, Noritake Co., Limited became a market leader by providing celebrated ceramists around the world with the tools they need to showcase their work for the ultimate consumer-the patient.


      With the merging of technologies of organic and inorganic materials in the dental industry, Kuraray Noritake Dental, Inc. is forging ahead to beautify and simplify the experiences of the laboratory technician, dentist and patient while combining art with science.


      As a manufacturer of both dental resin and ceramic materials, Kuraray Noritake Dental, Inc. is able to take its technological expertise in adhesion and relate it to the fabrication of indirect restorations. Our original adhesive monomer, MDP (found in our PANAVIA products) provides a high bond strength to multi-layered / translucent Zirconia, making our cements ideally suited to use with our latest product, KATANA  Zirconia UTML/STML. A smart choice for combining esthetics and durability.